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the J.Llorens Artigas fondation  has been created in 1989 to the memory of the famous potter Josep Llorens Artigas by Joan Gardy Artigas his sculptor sun, to defend the memory of his work and to encorage artistic  vocations, educacion , culture and art. Josep Llorens Artigas et Joan Gardy Artigas have been collaborating with Joan Miró in all his ceramic works and some of his bronze scuptures.

they have been living in Paris; Artigas from the 20´s, being friend with Braque, Picasso and Buñuel... Gardy Artigas from the 60´s to the 90´s, he have been working with Chagall, Braque and Giacometti , he had exibitions in the Maeght galleries of Paris, Zurich and Barcelona. He also realised public big size sculptures in the USA , in France , Spain,  Suitzerland , etc….

The Artigas Fondation , have been design, by the famous american arquitect  Bruce Graham, from  S.O.M. Chicago ,to allow  all kind of artistic works , céramics, sculpture,  painting, etching ...etc

The spaces can afford several professional selected artists from diferent countries.The fondation organises exibitions, concerts,  conférences and meetings between art critics , profesors et personalities of art and culture, creating a  climate of creativity and open midedness.

The Fondation studies are 150m2, clear and spacious, they have technical instalations like big wood japanese kilns ( noborigama and anagama ) and a gas kiln. Also a library spécialised on arts of all over the world and specially on ceramics, with a lots of technical books, lots of them written by J. Llorens Artigas himself.

The purpose of the  Llorens Artigas Fundacion is to improve the artist in his tecnique and his knowledge and contribute to the progress of art , and the perception of the culture to make a more constructive and opened society.